The Trendy and Practical Inferno Lighter

inferno lighterThe new Inferno Lighter is a wonderful alternative and solution to those traditional lighters that make smoking a good quality cigar or cigarette less satisfying than it should be. No longer does one have to put up with a horrible taste of butane in the mouth. For sulfur match users, no longer that stinky aroma that puts not only you, but everyone around you, off their smoke. Best of all, this new type of lighter is great in so many other ways, too.

One of the best things is its durability and toughness that means it won’t get damaged when in your pocket or lying around. At the same time, it is not heavy at all – unlike stainless steel ones, for example. So no longer will you feel it weighing down your pocket. It actually looks really cool as well – mostly because the beam-emitting nodes are protected by a nice flip top.

The reason it is not very heavy is that it doesn’t use liquid batteries or any other fuel. Instead, it is charged via USB technology on any computer or laptop around. So you can charge it quickly wherever you are and rest assured that it has a long lasting life until you need to do it again.

As mentioned above, the Inferno Lighter has dual-beam technology. This science fiction type detail is probably its unique selling point. The two beams cross to form an X shape. While this is cool in itself, on a practical level this means it can be used effortlessly in all types of weathers. It will remain lit whether it’s rainy on windy. Even better if you are using the lighter for something like camp fires!

All of these benefits lead to another advantage in getting rid of all of the hidden costs of smoking. There is no longer a need to continually buy new matches, lighters or fuel. This is great for the environment as well with less stuff being thrown away to landfill.

With the Inferno Lighter, after buying it, all you ever need to worry about is recharging it when the power has gone. It’s a must-buy item for anyone sick of the little irritations of low-end lighters and matches.